Weekly Sea farms and Jailer kills.
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 Guardian's Application

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PostSubject: Guardian's Application   Guardian's Application EmptySun Apr 26, 2009 5:34 pm

Name: Guardian
Job/Level: 75DNC 75DRK 70PLD (soon to be 75)
Subjob(s)/Level: 43WHM, 37WAR, 37THF, 37SAM, 37NIN, 37BLM, 37SMN Additional job information see site listed below.
Info available at: http://fanzone.playonline.com/lscom/index.do Search Fenrir Server, and PeepShow Linkshell
Race: Hume
Nation: San D'Oria
ZM Mission: ZM16
PM Mission: PM 8-4
Sea experience: Very minor. Some solo sea exp.
Merits: DNC: 1/5 Haste Samba, 5/5 No Foot Rise, 5/5 Reverse Flourish, 1/1 Saber Dance, 1/1 Fan Dance, 0/3 Close Position
DRK: 2/5 Last Resort Effect, 0/5 Last Resort Recast, 1/1 Dark Seal, 1/1 Diabolic Eye, 1/3 Muted Soul, 1/5 Desperate Blows
HP 1/8, 3 Dagger, 1 Great Sword, 2 Scythe, 4/4 Critical Hit Rate
Playtimes: Been playing since around March of 2004 (when FFXI hit PS2) Actual Playtime? 354 Days 13 Hours...blah blah
Friends in the LS: Hmm I guess anyone from Wabbits.

Well I hope thats all that was needed. Any other info needed send me a /tell cheers
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Guardian's Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Guardian's Application   Guardian's Application EmptySun Apr 26, 2009 5:51 pm

Thanks for your application Guardian Very Happy

We will let you know if your application is accepted asap ^^

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Guardian's Application
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