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Weekly Sea farms and Jailer kills.
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 Zaman's app

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PostSubject: Zaman's app   Zaman's app EmptySat Aug 22, 2009 2:05 pm

Subjob(s)/Level:most are 37
ZM Mission:complete
PM Mission:complete
Sea experience:i have experience with all of the jailers in sea
Merits:dagger 8/8 sword 8/8 H2H 1/4 GK 1/4 marksmanship 2/4 crit 4/4 spell interupt 2/4 enimity 2/4
THF triple attack 5/5 Flee 1/5 SA 2/5 TA 2/5 assain's charge 5/5 feint 3/5 arua steal 1/5 ambush 1/5
WAR Berserk/Warcry/aggressor 1/5 double attack 5/5 warriors charge 5/5 agressive aim 1/5 tomahawk 1/5 savagery 3/5
SAM store tp 5/5 meditate 5/5 overwhelm 5/5 blade bash 3/5 shikikoyo 1/5 ikishoten 1/5
RNG rapid shot 5/5 unlimted shot 5/5 flashy shot 5/5 snapshot 5/5
NIN subtle blow 4/5 1/5 on all spells nin tool expert 4/5 ninjitsu 8/8
RDM elemental magic 2/8
Playtimes:not quite sure atm just started a new job trying to get my times set up
Friends in the LS:most of you know me from Wabbits
Previous Server if applicable (Background checks may be done):i went to valefor for a few months and came back because i missed all my friends
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PostSubject: Re: Zaman's app   Zaman's app EmptySun Aug 23, 2009 3:51 am

Thanks for you app Zaman ^^

Zaman's app Stee1copiadr8
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Zaman's app
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