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 Applicants ~~READ ME~~

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Applicants ~~READ ME~~ Empty
PostSubject: Applicants ~~READ ME~~   Applicants ~~READ ME~~ EmptyFri Apr 24, 2009 4:28 pm

This is just a general idea of what we are looking for. We try not to be incredibly strict, but the main focus is on obtaining a group of reliable, friendly and committed players who are willing to work with others to help benefit the LS as a whole.

Please post your applications in this format below:

Subject: (Character Name App)

ZM Mission:
PM Mission:
Sea experience:
Friends in the LS:
Previous Server if applicable (Background checks may be done):

And anything else you think is worth mentioning. We really like as much information as possible for new applicants. Perhaps telling us why you want to join LordsofLumoria, telling us some of your sea goals, or anything about yourself may give us a better idea of your attitude and player skill.

We will hold you to what you say in your application!!!! Any jobs you list and plan to lot gear for you may be asked to play. If you have a job that is "retired" do not list it and don't expect LordsofLumoria to gear it for you.

Upon joining LordsofLumoria, we will watch all new members closely. Your first few weeks can either make or break you in this linkshell, so we have a trial period of 2 weeks. During this trial period you will accrue points but will not be able to lot anything that is not FFA (free for all). Regular attendance is required, I can't stress this enough. By joining, you are commiting yourself to attending LS activities, and if you do not show up, we would rather put someone else in that slot that does. We will take note when a member misses an event for other game activites, and doing this excessively will result in point deduction and where necessary, face possible ejection from the LS. Please see the rules section for more details. Everyone must pull their own weight.

We try to give everyone in the LS a chance to review all applications, so please be patient while it’s in discussion. We aim to reply back to you within a maximum of one week.

-If you have any questions about applying or the LS please feel free to contact Bricent, Metabol, Xenon, Duvelamilla, Stee or any of LordsofLumoria’s members. We would all be happy to take a few minutes to answer any of your questions.
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Applicants ~~READ ME~~
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