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 Expectations of Potential Memebers ~~ READ ME~~

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Expectations of Potential Memebers ~~ READ ME~~ Empty
PostSubject: Expectations of Potential Memebers ~~ READ ME~~   Expectations of Potential Memebers ~~ READ ME~~ EmptyFri Apr 24, 2009 3:59 pm

If you are reading this then you have come here to apply to the Sea LS "LordsofLumoria" . Since we strive to be a great shell with great members, we have a few guidelines and requirements in place: (work in progress atm can and will be changed 4-25-09)

1) 2 well geared 75 jobs of different class: Mage, DD, Tank, Support, diveristy is a must in any shell.

2) Sea Access is required (8-3 finished so as to have access to all Jailers and Ix'NMs)

3) Regular raid attendance and farming. We are in sea as a linkshell on Saturdays from 6:00pm EST to 10:00pm EST. If you can't commit your time to attending 50% minimum of events, LordsofLumoria is not the linkshell for you. If you’re on game, attendance is required, if you do not attend points will be docked. If you are online but not in the LS attending Sea, then this will deemed as a missed run (please see below for further details). We understand that members have lives and families and can not always be on the game. However, if you can be in game then you can be at events.

  • Absence from a run when you are not online will incur No Penalty whatsoever.

  • Absence from a run when you are online will be deemed as a missed run and therefore count towards your consecutive missed runs tally.

  • If you miss four consecutive runs, then you will incur a penalty of 50% accumulated points reduction. E.G. If you had accumulated 20 points, then you will be reduced to 10.

  • If you miss a further two consecutive runs after the initial four consecutive runs (therefore totalling six runs), your total accumulated points will be reset to 0.

  • If you miss a total of eight consecutive runs, you will also be moved to the "Inactive" list and will therefore need to re-apply if you wish to attend future LS runs. During this re-application period, your access on the forums will be limited. At this point, a discussion and vote will take place (bywhere Majority vote wins without exception) between the Sackholders and Members to decide whether or not you should be allowed to take part in any future runs, based on your previous attendance record.

4) This LS is group-orientated and we do things that are good for the shell as a whole. If you are a greedy person who only looks after yourself and only attends what benefits you, please do not apply. A person who has a good reputation and a willingness to help others will be welcomed before others, regardless of job/level/experience, and will find the linkshell most rewarding.

5) Items will be lotted by a point/prio combination, harassing someone for winning a lot that you may have wanted is not acceptable in any way shape or form and will be dealt with accordingly providing we have supporting evidence.

6) We have members from every walk of life so please take this into consideration when talking, things that may not seem offensive to some may offend others. Politics, Religion, Racism and Sexual Orientation are topics that will not be welcomed nor tolerated with inside the LS. If someone asks you kindly to drop a subject that may be offensive please do so.

- Remember to have a good attitude and have fun.

- If you have any questions about applying or the LS please feel free to contact Bricent, Metabol, Xenon, Duvelamilla, Stee or any of LordsofLumoria’s members. We would all be happy to take a few minutes to answer any questions.

Thank You and we look forward to receiving your application! jocolor

== Lords of Lumoria ==
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Expectations of Potential Memebers ~~ READ ME~~
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